Sunday, 7 June 2015

Destruction Of Authority.

     Sometimes you come across something and you wish you had thought of the idea, and carried it out in your own city. From Act For Freedom Now: Swiss poster in German and French found on Ausdemherzenderfestung, 2015/05/24.
 In this world of …

… borders and States, we are forced to follow rules that we have not
written ourselves.
These rules, mostly, do nothing for us. On the contrary, they benefit
the system.
Our decisions are confiscated at every level of our lives. And rights
are only granted when they are useful to the powerful. If we want to
break free from this oppression, it is this system that must be broken
by the struggle against those who profit by it and keep it going.
It is in destroying the structures of power that we can draw the idea of
a world that would be free of them, and so begin to live in it. We want
to freely decide our lives. Far from the norms of society, borders,
laws, and their representatives.
For the self-determination of our lives – down with papers, and the
Perhaps I could still get round to doing it?? 
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