Wednesday, 3 June 2015

First They Came For The Anarchists---?

         Some information on the Spanish fascist state's Operation Pandora and Operation Pinata, their brutal attempt to crush the anarchist movement in that country. There is good news of a kind, but there is as expected, also bad news. They will go to any lengths to try to extinguish any resistance to their tyranny.
         The Spanish state and their minders the police, are probably on par with the brutal Greek police.
  A new Amnesty Report on the freedom to protest in Spain, highlights excessive use of force and repressive legislation.
A pack of wild animals attack their prey.
From Anarchist News, the bad news:

      In worst news, the same day, the Spanish government put an embargo on the bank accounts that were opened to collect solidarity money for the lawyers, commissary expenses, and transportation expenses (for family members to visit those imprisoned) around Operation Pandora. The government continues to criminalize solidarity, following the same model it used to repress the Basque independence movement (with the difference that the anarchist movement in Spain has not killed anybody, nor among its diverse currents can support be found for the type of actions that inevitably cause collateral damage or kill and maim random people, a practice the Spanish government has had no problem with in its wars in other countries). If it is able to succeed, it will be able to prosecute sabotage as terrorism, portray the struggle against domination as terrorism, and even imprison those who write or raise money or protest in support of detainees as terrorists.
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  1. Yet, our determination grows stronger with every blow.
    Oppressed people of the world unite!

    Greetings scottish comrades!