Sunday, 21 June 2015

Control Is All That Matters.

         It is always easy to find examples of how the festering tentacles of the state creep in and poison ordinary people's relationships. In that "left wing" state governed by Syriza, the Greek state, they still lock you up for being related to someone they want punish for resisting their tyranny. Guilty by being related seems to be acceptable in Syriza's Greece.
       This report from Contra Info highlights what is going on in Greece. Though as  you and I know, all states do what they deem necessary to hold on to power.
     According to latest updates (June 2015), Evi Statiri – the life companion of anarchist prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos – has been denied release from prison three times already by the special appellate judge Eftichis Nikopoulos (the same bastard who has repeatedly rejected applications for educational leave in the case of anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos).
     Evi Statiri remains in pretrial detention on the basis of being emotionally related to the comrade Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of the anarchist urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. In the coming days, another motion for release filed by Evi Statiri will be examined by a judicial council.
       At the same time, a judicial council headed by Isidora Poga has dismissed the motion of Athena Tsakalou, mother of the Tsakalos brothers, for revocation of the restrictive condition that prohibits her from leaving Salamina (Salamis Island). Thus, not only is Athena Tsakalou currently unable to visit her two sons in Koridallos prison, but she is also not allowed to undergo necessary medical examinations (she is facing a serious health problem, and there are no appropriate hospital facilities inside Salamina limits).

      Left, right, centre left, centre right, they all fall back dictatorial authoritarian repression to prevent the people changing society to suit the people. 

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