Sunday, 7 June 2015

Captivity Comes In Many Guises.

       For those who can make it, Anarchist get-together, in Athens, June 11th. in support of long term anarchist prisoners. 

Anarchist gathering in the context of the International Day of Solidarity with All Longterm Anarchist Prisoners (J11 /USA) & the Month for the Earth and against the Capital (from June 5th to July 5th /Uruguay)
Thursday, June 11th 2015, at 18:30 in Voutie Park – just below a small ring road at the foot of Filopappou Hill – in Ano Petralona, Athens
The discussion will revolve around opposition to every form of captivity and against the various projects of progress and domestication, providing updates about prisoners of social war and struggles in defense of the natural world. Translation will also be available on request.
‘Parko Voutie’ is ten minutes walk from the ISAP Petralona metro station to Merkouri Square (see map). The activity will start at 18:30 and be alcohol-free. There will be printed material and vegan food; feel free to prepare and bring something along, including acoustic instruments to make musical improvisations following the discussion…
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