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70 Years Of Genocid, And It Still Continues.

      May 15th. a day the Palestinians mark with righteous anger, it is the day the Nakba is commemorated, (which in Arabic means catastrophe). This year it will mark 70 years of persecution, repression and genocide,70 years of a continuous brutal land grab by the Israeli state,70 years of generations of Palestinians being confined to the largest open air prison in the world. Yet the states of this world ignore this savagery against an entire people, not only do they turn their backs on the ongoing genocide of a people, but they arm the aggressor state with all the latest weaponry, and give them a welcoming seat the the table of international power structures. 
      We can't expect the Western power states of this world to end this genocide and land grab, they are friends of the Zionist state of Israel, it is their policeman in the Middle East, Also, the Israeli Zionist state is worth a lot of business to the power brokers of the West. It will only change when the people across the world take matters into their own hands and stand with the persecuted Palestinian people. 
           The following two extracts are from The Independent and are worth reading in full.
   ---The current Israeli land grab in the West Bank and the mushrooming illegal settlement construction that is squeezing Palestinians out of Jerusalem is a repeat of an earlier episode, a perpetual drama that has lasted more than a century.
       Zionist colonial settlement in Palestine began in earnest in 1881, when the leaders of the Zionist Movement in Europe eyed Arab Palestine as an exclusive home for Jews, paying little heed to the indigenous inhabitants of the land. These early ambitions culminated into a bloody but well-orchestrated terror campaign in 1947-48, resulting in the creation of the state of Israel atop the ruins of Palestine. Nearly 600 Palestinian towns, villages and localities were destroyed to make space for an exclusively Jewish state.
      Since then, only names and titles have changed. Zionist militias that orchestrated the genocide of the Palestinians prior to the establishment of Israel merged together to form the Israeli army; and the leaders of these groups became Israel’s leaders.
       At the end of his life, my grandfather’s only wish was to be buried in Beit Daras. Instead, he was crammed into the ever-bourgeoning Nuseirat Refugee Camp cemetery. However, he remained a Badrasawi – as the people of my village are called – to the end, holding so passionately onto the memories of a place that, for him – for all of us – remains sacred and real.
       For the millions of refugees, and for the thousands of protesters at the Gaza border, Palestine is no longer just a piece of earth but a perpetual fight for justice – in the name of those who died along the dusty trails of exile and of those who are yet to be born 
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   ---Everyone in the Great Return March knows full well they will not be returning to their ’48 lands, as they call them – at least not any day soon. They know full well that they risk being killed by Israeli snipers by even approaching the barrier wall – 40 have been shot dead in the past four weeks. But for most protesters it will be an achievement just to show the world they have not forgotten what happened in 1948, even if the world has forgotten them.
          The “right of return” enshrined in 1948 in United Nations Resolution 194 is felt perhaps most strongly by Palestinian refugees of Gaza precisely because so many once lived just a few miles from Gaza’s walls. Almost all the refugees who reached Gaza were village farmers, deprived of their livelihoods too as they lived off the land. Running in terror, past other burning villages, they left grapes on the vine and wheat just harvested, taking nothing with them, such was the panic. Many soon tried to return if only to get food to eat and to finish the harvest, but almost all were forced back by Israeli troops. From the end of the war the attempt to return never stopped, but Israel called returnees terrorists, imprisoning them or shooting them on sight.
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 Palestinians run from Israeli tear gas in Bethlehem.
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