Saturday, 12 May 2018

Spirit of Revolt, Show and Tell, The Free Hetherington.

      In conjunction with the Mitchell Library, Spirit of Revolt has another of its very successful and interesting outreach events, Show and Tell. This time the subject matter is on an occupation at Glasgow University that became known as the Free Hetherington. Spirit of Revolt archivist Paula will open the event, and present to give their story, will be some who were involved in the occupation. It will take the form of chats by some of those involved in the occupation of the "Hetherington", and an open discussion, questions and answers from any of those present. On display will be some of the material from the occupation which is now held in the Spirit of Revolt Archive.
        Display, talk and discussion on The  Free Hetherington occupation & other temporary autonomous zones - free spaces for thought, debate & action in Glasgow. Hetherington House, 13 University Gardens, was a place for mature and postgraduate students and staff to meet as a research club. From February until August 2011 students and staff occupied it against the cuts in Higher Education becoming one of the longest-running student occupations, known as the 'Free Hetherington'. It hosted an active schedule of talks, debate and discussion sessions. After months of protest actions and consultation an agreement was made between the occupation and Glasgow University management.
Details: FREE.
Monday 14th. May, 12 noon - 2pm.
Venue: Mitchell Library, 5th. floor,
Blytheswood Room.

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