Friday, 25 May 2018

Death At Work..

The "gig" economy and zero hours contracts are now the shape of a life for a large section of the working class. It is pumped out as flexible to suit the individual, but in actual fact is just another way of employers saving money and cutting down on their responsibilities to the employee. They have no worries about paid holidays, sick pay and health and safety, and a host of other workers rights. As usual it is the employee bears the brunt of this stripping down of conditions, conditions that were fought for over generations are now being destroyed, all in the name of profit, under the false flag of "flexibility".
         The recent case in Philadelphia where a courier was killed while working and his employer washes their hands of any responsibility, brings home the brutal truth of this type of "employment". Unfortunately I will be unable to take part in this action of support and solidarity, if you can, please do, it is short notice as it is this evening, but please spread the word.

Hi FWs,
       This Friday (25th) in Glasgow at 6:30pm, George Square, the Couriers Network Scotland will be holding a memorial bike ride for Pablo Avendano- a food courier who was killed recently whilst working for the app 'Caviar'. The company refuse to accept their share of responsibility for his death and his friends and family have asked for solidarity actions.
        All are welcome. We'll have supply of black armbands for folks to wear in his memory.
         (If you don't have a bike, there are Next Bikes available in the Square that you can rent for free for 30 mins)
         "This Friday Glasgow Critical Mass will be dedicating their monthly bike ride to Pablo Avendano, a Philadelphia based bike courier and activist who tragically lost his life while working for courier firm Cavier last Saturday!
Come on down to show your support!
An Injury to One is an Injury to All!
The Streets are our workplace!"


Chris - Couriers Network Scotland
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