Monday, 7 May 2018

Picnic On The Green, May 2018.

      Well our May Day week celebrations came to a very pleasant end with our annual Picnic on the Green. The sun came out, the temperature soared and the people had a great time. May Day celebrations as they should be, family, friends, chat, music, poetry, fun, dance, food to share, face painting for the kids, and thoughts of past struggles and hopes for the future. Even although some of the performers couldn't make it at the last moment, it was a wonderful mixed afternoon of fun. A special thanks to our to young dancers, they were a star turn.
    Our week started with the Donald Dewar statue gathering on May 1st. music, poetry and leafleting. Wednesday May 2nd was our history walk through the city centre, about 25 interested individuals gathered to follow, listen, question and learn, as they twisted their way through the city. A great success with lots of literature handed out on some of our working class struggles.
     The culmination of our week's celebrations was the Picnic on the Green, Sunday May 6th. This was our third year, and each year it has got larger, so here's hoping that the next one will be bigger still.
     None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for that wee band of dedicated volunteers, who took the idea and pushed it into a reality, nor would it have worked without all those wonderful people who gave up their valuable time to come and take a shot at centre stage, without them it would be nothing. A big thank you to those who came with their stalls and set up, adding colour and interest to the event. Of course there is the most important group of all, the general public that turned up and supported the idea of May Day celebrations on the Green. A big thank you to all and each of you.
     Some photos and video from the afternoon Picnic on the Green:

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  1. A big, big hurray! for the sword dancers.
    Let's hope that in a not too distant future they can dance over the ashes of capitalism.

  2. Our hopes will transpire if we put in the effort needed. The young girl in the white t-shirt is my granddaughter, she loves all forms of dancing, the other girl is her school mate and dancing fiend.