Thursday, 17 May 2018

Stop The Flow Of Money And Weapons To Zionist Israel.

        While the Zionist state of Israel continues with its brutal genocide of the Palestinian people, you might feel helpless as an individual to do anything about the situation. However as individuals we can hit the Zionists where it hurts, in their pocket. We all shop for food and other necessities, well just take the time to check the country of origin, if it's Israel, just throw it back on the shelf. Some people check by reading the barcode, but this is not always accurate. This brief explanation from Ireland Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, helps to clarify matters:

         Stories and images have been doing the rounds on social media sites claiming that Israel has changed its barcode from 729 to 871 (or other numbers like 500) in order to fool people looking out for the 729 barcode.
       This mistaken belief stems from a misunderstanding of how barcodes work. A barcode only tells you which country a company is from, not where the contents of the product originate.
         What appears to be happening is that 871 is the Dutch barcode (and 500 is the UK one) and Israeli products are being sold by Dutch and UK (and even Irish)-based companies. To take a concrete example, in the case of Tesco ‘meat free mince’, Tesco is a UK-based company so the barcode is 500, even though the product inside is manufactured and packaged in Israel. What is important for barcode purposes is where the company who sells the goods are registered, NOT where the contents of the goods are produced, manufactured or packaged.
        A country can’t simply change its barcode assignation because it feels like it, it doesn’t work like that and barcode assignation is a complicated and regulated international process.
         This is just another reason to always look for the country of origin of a product and not rely solely on barcodes. Similarly, some things that may be made in a third country are sold by Israeli-registered companies with the 729 barcode, even though they may say (eg) ‘Made in Taiwan’ on the packaging. These should be boycotted too.

     There are other areas in which you should carry out the boycott, goods from Zionist settlements on the occupied territories, of which there are many, mainly agricultural food products. The sale of these products help to sustain the illegal Zionist settlements. For a full list of these Zionist settlements visit Boycott Israel Campaign
      Then there is the despicable actions of our own lords and masters sitting in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption and their collusion with the arms industry bandits. This must be challenged, as millions of pounds of military equipment flows from this country into the hands of the Zionist's military machine which is responsible for the continuing genocide of the Palestinian people. 
       Here is a list of military material sold in 2017, by this country to the Zionist state of Israel. Source Canary:
     Within the document [] are the exact types
of weapons and their components exported:
Types of goods on licence     No. of licences       Value
Military                                     109               £215,585,497
Non-military                              158                £65,428,168
Both Military and Non-military     7                  £2,545,798
Total                                           274              £283,559,464
         That's a lot of gravy flowing into the coffers of the Arms Bandits, blood money, of which the Palestinian people pay for with their blood, and of which we are complicit if we don't protest loudly and in numbers at the corrupt cabal of political ballerinas that go by the name of government.
    Stop buying Zionist products, protest loud and long.

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