Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Glasgow May Day 2018.

     May Day would not go unmarked in Glasgow, as would be expected, a motely band of anarchists, socialists, wobblies and diggers, etc. set forth from George Square. Headed by a banjo and singing they threaded their way past the Merchants House, past the undergrond, up to the green man that is the Donald Dewar statue, Glasgow's icon of Labourism. There they joined stalls, musicians, singers and poets.
     The proceedings opened with a splended rendition of Preacher and a Slave sung by Brendan in a resplendent red jacket. By now some passers-by joined the group, swelling the numbers. Brendan McLaughlin was followed by the wonderful soaring vioce of Joe Craig, recalling the Spanish Civil War. The crowd were now treated to Pauline Vallance playing the clarsach, her first song being self-penned about a May Sunday. Then followed some poems by Rab Fullerton and Paul Anderson, more songs this time from Pauline Bradley. Things kept lively, and feet kept tapping, with several  tunes played on the pipes by Tommy Kayes.
       Living rent and Scottish independence speakers followed, and then a Anti-Austerity/Class War spokesperson, gave a conversational account of their visit to the Scottish Parliament to give Esther McVey, government's Minister works and pensions a small taste of her own medicine.
     The event closed with more songs from Joe, Pauline and Brendan.
      A group retired to the Scotia Bar for more chat and songs, by 2pm., the temperature had dropped and some stalls packed up among them Clydeside IWW, Living Rent, and Westgap. An earlier threat by an "official" regarding Class War posters put up on a shop window, evaporated as nae polis showed up.
     The afternoon was stimulated by other events, old friends passing by were greeted, new enquirers were given leaflets and info on History Walk, Wednesday, evening, 6pm. 2nd May, Montrose Street, and the Picnic on the Green, Sunday May 6th., 2pm. Glasgow Green.
       The afternoon's events, which were a great success, were filmed by City Strolls, thanks Bob. Report by Keith, edited by J.C.

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