Saturday, 26 May 2018

Lest We Forget!!

        By now our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media will have moved on from the brutal murder of 111 Palestinian protesters by the Israeli Zionist military machine. They will be onto some new spectacle, sensation, scandal, the sex life of an MP, gossip on the latest moviestar spilt up. Lots of popcorn and bubble gum trivia for the masses. However the persecution of the Palestinian people still goes on, day in and day out, the Israeli Zionist state is relentless in its genocide of the Palestinian people. So though the babbling brook of bullshit has drop the subject, we the ordinary people should not. We must not forget that this is 70 years of ongoing persecution, 70 years of land grabs by the Zionists, day and daily murder, arrests and repression of an entire people, held in the largest open air prison in the world.
     So the protests across the world must continue in solidarity and support of a persecuted people, the Palestinians. We must continue to raise our voices about the 21st. century genocide, that is aided and abetted by the Western governments. Our silence is complicity in the support, and supply of weapons, to the Israeli Zionist state. we have to continue to shout, this genocide must end.
     It is encouraging to see that a group of Glasgow citizens are keeping the protests going. Though again sad, that only one red and black flag present, held aloft by a solitary Glasgow anarchist, where are you all? Today, Saturday 26th May, they were out side Marks and Spencers Argyle Street store, a known strong supporter of the Israeli Zionist state, informing the the general public of the situation in Palestine. A genocide based on the ludicrously insane idea that an invisible man in the sky, gave this land to the Jews some 2,000 years ago. That is the belief that underpins this savage murder of thousands over the years. 

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