Saturday, 26 May 2018

Just Living Or Having A Life??

        There are many options offered to bring this system of economic slavery, down. One way of bring it to its knees is simply, stop buying their carp, or stop playing by their rules. Just opting out of the system might not be everybody's idea, but it does have an impact.
         Once again some nice level headed words of wisdom from Not Buying Anything.

          Making a living is not the same as having a life. To build a life worth living, one needs time for leisure.
I don't know about you, but I always thought that working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week 50 weeks a year was too much. Much too much.
Now, with "labour saving" technology, one can be in permanent work mode. But why?
        Soon labour saving will mean more than the appearance of cutting down on work, all the while increasing that work. It will mean cutting labour out entirely with AI and robots. Now there is a threat even worse than low paid workers in foreign countries.
"You don't like being in permanent work mode? You should feel lucky that you still have a job at all."
        No thank you. I have lived simply for most of my life so I could avoid such an outcome. My reasoning was that the less I needed to buy, the less I needed to work. And the less I needed to work, the less dependent I was on the masters and their perpetual work demands.
Unlike AI, to be human is to need leisure time. Messy, inconvenient, but true. Not working for a taskmaster means that I can indulge the amount of leisure time necessary to build a life.
       “The original meaning of the concept of “leisure” has practically been forgotten in today’s leisure-less culture of “total work”: in order to win our way to a real understanding of leisure, we must confront the contradiction that rises from our overemphasis on that world of work. 
        The very fact of this difference, of our inability to recover the original meaning of “leisure,” will strike us all the more when we realize how extensively the opposing idea of “work” has invaded and taken over the whole realm of human action and of human existence as a whole.” - Joseph Pieper
         I got out of debt. I saved as much as I could. Then, at the earliest possible date, I quit the endless work world.
       Now I do what I want to do, which is most certainly not virtually attending a meeting while I am on "holiday" or in the bathroom, or while out with friends, or in bed.
         If you have to work while on vacation, it isn't a vacation. If you have to work all the time, you are not getting the leisure time you need.
         No leisure, no life. Living more simply is one way to get the time you need, and deserve.

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  1. They want us to believe that the only option to working all the time is poverty and living rough on the streets.

    "If you won't #GetItDone for us", they threaten, "you will #ProbablyDie."

    It seems to be working. Why else would people be willing to sacrifice their entire active lives making someone else rich? For consumer trinkets?

    "#NotEnough", I say.

    We are honoured that you repost us here in your special place on the web. Thank you.

  2. Your words always come with a calm intelligence, and an awareness of the vile unjust system we live under.