Monday, 14 May 2018

More Than 70 Dead, The Price Of Protest!!

       Six weeks of protests, over 70 dead, including elderly and children, thousands injured, 37 dead and 1,600 injured, today alone, and rising. As far as I can gather, only one Israeli soldier has been slightly injured during this protest. If this was happening in North Korea, China or Russia or any Western country, for that matter, it would be banner headlines in every newspaper, and our TV screens would be pumping it out non stop. However this is Palestinian people, this is the Zionist Israeli state's slaughter, so it may be reported but criticism will be muted. There may even be talk of an inquire about Israeli military's excessive use of force, then it will all settle down and the Palestinian people will be expected to get on with their lives under the yoke of brutal occupation and genocide. How much longer will the people of the world accept this, how much longer will we be complicit in this 21st. century genocide by our silence and inaction?
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  1. There are voices that rise up against so much injustice. The insistent voice of the Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett is one of them. Surely these voices are not as many as we all would like, but they are more than the imperial power would like.

    Here is the link to her blog for anyone who wants to know, in a reliable way, what is happening in Syria and Palestine.