Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A Magical Rise To Fame!!!

         Extinction Rebellion is certainly grabbing the headlines at the moment it was a very rapid rise to prominence and its figurehead Greta Thunberg is a most remarkable and sudden rise to fame. A little girl sitting all alone on a pavement complaining about "climate change" suddenly is a world figure. I find that rather strange. How come, all those other activists that have been complaining for years never got the same treatment, a lot of them instead, got a criminal record for their efforts.  Who really is the driving force behind this little girl, where did the financial support come from originally? As I have said before, I'm not against mass protests to stop the obliteration of the planet, I just feel that this particular protest is being steered deliberately, and for ulterior motives, in the wrong direction. See previous article.

        This is an extract from an interesting article from Acorn:
    ------It also turns out not to be entirely coincidental that Rentzhog came across Greta’s little protest. He later admitted had already done PR work for her mother and was “tipped off” about the event in advance.
       So the bottom line is this: from the very first day of her “rebellion”, Greta Thunberg was being promoted by two corporate PR professionals paid for their skills in “brand development” and “storytelling”.
        Since then, of course, she has addressed the UN, the WEF, the European Parliament, featured on the cover of Time magazine, which named her a “next generation leader”, met Barack Obama and Emmanuel Macron and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
       This is all rather strange in a world where the usual reward for environmental activism is a criminal record.-------
        It is well worth reading the entire article to try and understand who really is pushing this particular campaign.

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