Thursday, 10 October 2019

For Human Dignity, Capitalism Must Fall.

         Ecuador, like Haiti and many other countries is in open revolt, as more and more people allow their righteous anger at the cruel injustices of this destructive economic system of capitalism, that is rapidly plunging the world into chaos, to flow onto the streets. More and more people are now realising that debating and seeking legislation to protect the poor and curtail the rampant plundering of the public purse, just doesn't work. Across the globe, living standards are falling for the majority, while the opulence of the few grows ever more grotesque. We have had centuries of "representative democracy" but still the gap between the privileged few and the vast majority grows ever wider. We the many are on an ever ending slippery slope to poverty and deprivation, as long as we tolerate this greed drive economic system of capitalism to rule our planet.
       All strength to and support for, all those we stand up and fight to end this system of greed and savage injustice. For human dignity and justice, capitalism must fall.

This from AMW:

      About 50 police officers have been taken hostage and indigenous groups have blocked roads and highways, as protests against the state’s neoliberal economic policies continued in Ecuador.
       On October 3, in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, anarchists, some carrying red and black flags, fought alongside students, setting flaming barricades and throwing rocks at riot police, who they forced to retreat. Anarchists have been on the forefront of the struggle against IMF-imposed “reforms” and against the police-state that is attempting to enforce these “reforms” with brutality.
       Protests began when Ecuador’s corrupt president Lenin Moreno announced the end of fuel subsidies. Moreno’s regime, though nominally left-wing, has strengthened relations with the imperialist United States, launching a joint security effort and intelligence sharing operation.
       President Lenin Moreno says he will not bring back subsidies and has declared a two-month national emergency.
       Some of the protests were organized by transport unions who have since stopped their action. Other sectors are calling for a national strike on Wednesday.
       An umbrella group for indigenous groups in the country, the Confederation of Indigenous Nations in Ecuador (Conaie) said it was declaring a “state of exception” in indigenous areas, where soldiers and police officers would be detained and would face “indigenous justice.”
      Luis Iguamba, leader of the Kayambi people from northern Ecuador, said they would keep up the pressure on the government.
“We are fighting for everyone and we are fighting to foresee the rights we all have and we can’t allow this. So, everyone, be on the lookout and keep up the fight. Let’s radicalise the strike,” he said.
Indigenous-led protests have toppled three presidents in the last few decades.
        Their intervention follows protests on Thursday and Friday that saw roads in the capital Quito and the city of Guayaquil strewn with makeshift barricades and burning tires.
Hundreds of people were arrested, dozens of police officers hurt, several police cars destroyed and a local government building was attacked, the authorities said.
       Ecuador’s government has agreed to cut public spending as part of a loan deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The agreement, signed in March, allows Ecuador to borrow $4.2bn.
Anarchists and indigenous groups are likely to continue resistance against the neoliberal policies of the Moreno regime.
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