Sunday, 27 October 2019

It's Our World, Let's Take It And Shape It The Way We Want.

        I think it is fair to say that a very large section of the world's population is in revolt. It is difficult to find a country where the people aren't taking to the streets in protest. From Hong Kong to Haiti, from Ecuador to Chile from Iraq to Uruguay, from Sudan to Bolivia, from France to Catalunya, and others. So it is obvious that there is something rotten at the heart of the economic system that dominates the world, capitalism,
       Of course our problem is how do we the ordinary people unify these protests into  a force for real change to create an economic system that works for the benefit of all, and in so doing destroys the planet destroying system of capitalism.  No mean task, however, I believe that the ideas for the foundation of that better world, lie in most people's hearts, justice, co-operation, respect for all humans, mutual aid and a desire to see an end to poverty and wars. Sooner or later we all have to see the root cause of most of the world's problem lie in the profit motive embedded in capitalism. This inevitably leads to vast wealth differences, and therefore power differences, corruption follows when all that wealth and power lies in the hands of the few. Capitalism cannot function any other way.
     Each protest against the machinations of the state and its bed partner capitalism, should demand our solidarity and support, and a forceful attempt to link up. Capitalism is never patriotic, it knows no borders, it is pan-continental, our protests have to be likewise, pan-continental. It is our brothers and sisters that are in protest, we must join them in what ever way we can. 

This from Anarchist News:

On the Front Lines in Chile

          Since October 18, a full-scale uprising has unfolded in Chile as people of all walks of life come together to protest austerity measures, fight police repression, destroy the symbols of capitalism, and defy a military occupation reminiscent of the years of the dictatorship. The following interview and firsthand accounts explore the character of the uprising and the experiences of those on its front lines.
        This is part of a global wave of revolts unfolding in Haiti, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Hong Kong, Honduras, Catalunya, and elsewhere. The uprising in Chile was sparked in part by a social movement in Ecuador that occupied the parliament and forced the government to withdraw planned austerity measures. There are signs of the momentum spreading elsewhere in South America: clashes at the Chilean consulates in Mendoza and Buenos Aires, protests in Bolivia, unrest in Uruguay. All of these revolts are driven by the same fundamental conditions—the same disparities in wealth and power caused by capitalism and the same loss of faith in the institutions of the state.

           In a globally interlinked world, in which all governments—from the United States to Turkey, Russia, and China—are working together to coordinate the repression of all who struggle for freedom and dignity, it is essential that we understand our struggles as interlinked and interdependent. We must stand up for each other or else we will all be crushed one by one. As one comrade put it,
       “Solidarity is important. Even if you just hold a banner with some friends to post a photo expressing solidarity, even if you just hang that banner from a bridge over the highway, the tiniest gestures of solidarity can mean a lot to people who are struggling elsewhere, it can make them feel less alone. Even if you just shut down the security gate to show Turkish Airlines’ affiliates. Even if you just take over the Chilean consulate. Even if you just blockade a highway.”
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