Monday, 28 October 2019

Chile Today - Tmorrow----


        It doesn't get much, if any, coverage on our mainstream media, but what is happening in Chile is a mass popular uprising being met with fierce, brutal state repression. This is happening now, and across many other countries, how long can this festering sewer of an economic system last. Well it will last as long as the people tolerate its existence, it will collapse when the people say, "enough is enough".
      Some videos of what is happening in Chile, you don't have to know the language to understand what is going on. Videos from arrezafe.

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  1. They privatized everything, including water. But all the benefits are concentrated in the hands of an elite of insatiable oligarchs. The Constitution of the dictator Pinochet is still in force, the satrap so admired and protected by Margaret Thatcher. Meanwhile, the Chilean people are exploited and humiliated obscenely. They said enough! And there is no turning back. Latin America is in a prerevolutionary situation.

  2. What we all hope for is that there is a spark from their fire that starts to spread like a wildfire across the globe.