Saturday, 26 October 2019

Occupation, No Pay We Stay.

       One of the principles of capitalism is that the CEO makes loads of cash and bonuses, share holders get regular bonuses for doing nothing and the workers get a pittance for doing all the work in producing that wealth. When the project has been milked to death CEO and the share holders walk away to their luxury mansions and the workers get dumped on the dole. This formula has been repeated for generations and is still part and parcel of the capitalist system.
     Sometimes workers walk away and accept their enforced poverty, other times the workers take a stand and fight back.
      On ongoing case of workers taking a stand and fighting back is the Harlan County Miners. They have occupied the mine and are stopping movement of coal, their slogan, "No Pay, We Stay". It is obvious that the coal mine should belong to thse who work the mine and the local community, as should all workplaces and communities, and owned for the equal benefit of all. They deserve our solidarity in their struggle.
This report from Freedom Socialist Party: 

       On July 1, U.S. Coal giant Blackjewel suddenly declared bankruptcy and fired 1,800 workers, mostly in Kentucky. One June paycheck bounced and the final checks never came. Blackjewel owes miners millions in earned wages, health insurance, retirement savings and coverage for Black Lung disease.
       On July 30, a train carrying a load of coal worth $1.4 million was blocked by Appalachian miners and their families. No coal train has moved since. In the brave 100-year tradition of Harlan County miners, “No pay, we stay,” they declared.
      A blockade encampment is now organized with a phone line, solar shower and collective kitchen. Unions, other workers and local businesses have donated food, raised money and helped block the tracks. A group of transgender anarchists arrived and spent a month helping organize work, meals and publicity.
     It’s a “which side are you on” moment. Blockaders are fighting against unscrupulous companies using bankruptcy to steal from healthcare funds, retirement and paychecks. Support from all organized labor is needed. Individuals and unions can donate by visiting
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