Wednesday, 9 October 2019

All Must Kneel Before The Altar Of The Economy.

       So often humans create something for their benefit, and then the "thing" becomes more important than the people. Trade unions were created to help people but now in most cases the union becomes more important than the people it was meant to serve. Religion is the same, the church must be protected even at the expense of the people. Today it is the economy, how do we cure ourselves from the epidemic of consumerism. These usual words of wisdom, which I endorse, from Not Buying Anything sums it up perfectly.

 Don't worry. Keep buying, and be happy... sort of.
          I keep hearing that "the consumer is doing the heavy lifting" for the economy, that they are "holding up", and "aren't fatigued yet". Isn't this backwards?
      I remember a time when the economy worked for the people, existed for the people, functioned for the people. Now, the people work for the economy. Now, nothing is more important than the economy.
       So we get the following situations:
       The environment is generally collapsing... but the consumer is still buying.
       Manufacturing is down... but the consumer is still buying.
       There is a "Retail Apocalypse"... but the consumer is still buying.
       There is a global political crisis... but the consumer is still buying.
      Depression and suicide have reached depressing proportions... but the consumer is still buying.
       We are getting fatter and less fit... but the consumer is still buying.
      Everything is breaking down, but not to worry - the consumer is still buying.
       If I understand this correctly, as long as we keep buying, everything will appear to be fine. The only disaster that could befall the world that would actually matter is if The Consumer stopped buying.
         If The Consumer even dared to slow their acquisitional frenzy, there would be an immediate emergency declared that would require special and intense activity to repair.
        We would need to really DO something in that case. We wouldn't want to put the billionaire lifestyle at risk now, would we?
       "I buy, therefore I am", will be the new motto to live by if the economic manipulators get their way. Today's Consumers will be tomorrow's Buybots.
       So don't worry about all those pesky and unimportant emergencies scientists and environmental activists keep making up, just keep buying.
         Everything will be fine. Well, the economy will be fine, at least, and what is more important than that?
       That is the system as it exists, and I'm not buying it. Our planetary community needs something better, and soon.
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