Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Happiness Doesn't Come In Fancy Boxes.

        In this insane consumer society, "things" mean happiness, our propaganda media will continually tell you how much more fulfilled you will be if you get such-and-such car, mobile phone, or bigger flat screen TV, how much more beautiful and desirable you will be if you would just buy this cream, this lotion this super-duper hair treatment. According to the consumer society mantra happiness and success comes with things, more things more happiness, greater status. What a load of bullshit. We live in a society that has greed and perpetual growth as its driving force, a sure road to disaster in a world of finite resources. Infinite growth from finite resources is the world of the insane.
The usual words of wisdom from Not Buying Anything:

        The economy needs you to increase your consumption. Forever. That is the only way our economy can function, or rather, lurch and fumble from one crisis to another.
        Eventually, because the Earth does not have infinite resources to harvest, we will hit Peak Consumption. Perhaps we have hit it already.
        In my own life, my personal peak consumption was years ago, and my consumption graph has been falling ever since. So how is it that I have never been happier?
       A developed economy is dependent on the practice of infinite consumption and infinite growth. No growth means everything breaks down. Even if Gross Domestic Happiness does not grow, the economy must go on.
       If the consumer does not increase their purchases year after year after year, the economy is immediately headed for trouble. Consumer confidence is The Thing since a modern economy depends to a large degree on The Consumer.
       Think you don't have power? In the USA and Canada up to 70% of the economy is based on what you buy. Want to change things? Start altering your purchasing habits, and the system will notice right now.
       Or just do you patriotic duty and keep on buying stuff until we experience total collapse.
       Don't have money? Not to worry - the system will lend you some at a 25% interest rate.
       Don't need anything? Nonsense. There is always something to desire and buy. The infinite growth consumer model makes sure of that.

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