Tuesday, 22 October 2019

We've Surely Learnt Our Lesson!!

        In 2008 the "crisis" hit the world, the choice of word "crisis" was very clever. A crisis suggests an event that everybody should run to assist in helping to alleviate, but this was not a crisis for everybody, this was a crisis for the money people from the excessive gambling of the financial Mafia. However to resolve their disastrous failure in the worlds biggest gambling casino the financial Mafia demanded that the governments of the world bail them out by plundering the public purse. We all know what followed was years of "austerity" for the ordinary people, slashing of social services, attack on wages and working conditions, a vicious attack on those receiving social benefits. The financial mafia recovered, but we the people still haven't recovered to where we were in living standards in 2008.
    The leeches that make up the financial Mafia have learnt nothing from that experience, the next "crisis" looms large on the horizon. For the first time in about ten years the US Federal Reserve is forced to lend emergency cash to banks to shore up their cracking structures. In the psyche of the financial Mafia the gambling frenzy didn't go away, it is their methodology for their get rich quick ideology. Most "financial experts" clam that the world's major banks are even more concentrated, and in the category of "too big to fail" than they were in 2008, and are more likely to fail in the inevitable coming financial crunch. After more than a decade of a very limp recovery, the global economy is looking at another "crisis". The bailouts and the easy cheap money policies, in no way went to fix the structural failures inherent in the capitalist system. The cheap money policies facilitated another boom in speculation and irresponsible lending, boosting share prices without any increase in real value and building that massive debt bubble that is now about to burst. 

       When that bubble burst, and it will, and soon, the failing banks and corporations will once again turn to the governments to heap the problem on the backs of the ordinary people. Surely this time round, unlike our capitalist gamblers, we have learnt something, and we will not tolerate an other decade or more of austerity to hit our families, so that the financial Mafia can again get back its massive gambling debts. We should by now be well aware of the game they play at our expense, and should take a more revolutionary road to protect ourselves and our families from this never ending cycle of bursting bubbles that heap poverty and misery on us, while the perpetrators regain all their plundered wealth.

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  1. They think we can't win, and they can't lose. They are in for a surprise.

  2. This is what is happening in Chile. Where is the unanimous and immediate condemnation of the international community? Shame!

    Chilean police (Carabineros) kill a man and throw him from the police van. Since the beginning of the protests against the dictatorial government of President Piñera, there are more than 11 dead.