Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Corporations Or People.

      When ever capitalism is in trouble, that's when it shows its true colours, its callous and brutal plundering, like 2008, when they engineered trillions of taxpayers cash into their diminishing coffers after their insane gambling spree.
     Now here we are with humanity facing one of the worst pandemics in living memory, and capitalism is on its knees, time to get their grub thieving hands on more of taxpayers money, to safeguard their shareholders. Here in the UK our lords and masters are literally throwing billions of pounds at big business, with the pretext that they are thinking of the ordinary people by saving their jobs, shear bullshit. Other countries are of course following, suit the US being a prime example.
     30% of the American population may soon be out of work, people are struggling to afford the basic necessities, food and rent becoming luxuries. While this hell goes on for the ordinary people, Boeing is demanding a $60 billion bailout of taxpayers money, which will go to bailout their shareholders and CEO. This will debated in the Senate today, and will no doubt pass with a nod of the corporate beast's buddies, sitting there with the taxpayers purse strings in their grubby little hands.
     There should be  a forceful demand from us the ordinary people, that ensures any bailout is to help the people who are at the real cutting edge of this tragedy, the ordinary people. Pour billions and trillions into the protection and safety of people and to hell with shareholders and CEO. We built this world, after this disaster we can build a better world, free from shareholders and CEO, free from the destructive greed driven profit motive.

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  2. Boeing should be left to die, like much of the system. Hard to see a good outcome here, unless the people take over. Here comes the another giant transfer of wealth from us to them, like they need more.