Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Economy Before People.

      Ever since I could read newspapers or listen to the radio, yes in my youth that was where you look for what as happening, I have listened and read stories of child poverty and homelessness. There was never enough money to sort these problems out, though each consecutive government promised to eradicate both, but only threw a pittance of the nation budget at these problems, both problems still exist to this day.
    Then  2008 comes along, and we have billions to throw at the banks, by simply making phony money and plundering the public purse. Today we are faced with Covid19, and the immanent collapse of large and small companies, and once again the phony money appears and the public purse gets plundered. We must save the economy no matter the cost but have to be prudent with the health and well-being of the public.

       The Chancellor has given a £12 billion package to help businesses, and is talking of more, but friends of the corporate pirates say, that's not enough and are saying that the government, (you and I) should under-write bank loans to businesses. So let them borrow to keep their fat salaries and luxury yachts and if they can't pay the loan back, well that's OK, we the Joe public will see that the banks get their money. Money for homelessness and child poverty, well we can't afford that, we have to be prudent and live within our means!!
     That's basically how the system works, the state works as a guarantor for big business, but can never have enough money to eradicate  the problems of the ordinary people, problems caused by the processes that keep capitalism alive, exploitation of the people. Don't worry about the debt when bailing out big business, we the tax payers will handle that.

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  1. Since posting this piece, our very business friendly government has increased it help to businesses to £330 billion, Just imagine what that would do to the health service,child poverty, or homelessness?