Thursday, 5 March 2020

The West And Slavery.

     Libya has slipped out of the media glare, except for the odd report about the nasty Haftar, who is attacking the "legitimate" government of Libya. For "legitimate" translate as hand pick Western stooges who were planted in to facilitate the Western imperialists wishes. This so called "legitimate" government has never had control of the whole country just a slice around Tripoli. The rest of the country is controlled by various factions, tribes, war lords, all squabbling for power. Haftar has more or less taken control of the oil, as far as the West is concerned, that's all that matters about Libya, oil. Though, for the moment, this bloody episode in Libya has stalled into a death creating stalemate.
    What the media has put into "forgotten memory" is why Libya is in such a state of turmoil, poverty, violence, corruption, destitution and death. This is all down to the West's engineered disposal of Gaddafi. Though I'm not one who kneels at the feet of Gaddafi, this western lead blood bath has been responsible for turning a country with a developed health service and education system, where the majority of the people were living in reasonable conditions, into a quagmire of poverty and violence, where the ordinary people are suffering death and destitution on a daily basis. Libya is now a territory controlled by warring factions, who see violence as their road to power. It is now a territory where slave trading is carried out openly, where African migrants are openly sold to the highest bidder.
    All this misery, deprivation, violence and death lies clearly at the feet of the Western "democracies" who engineered and supplied the armoury and the devastating air power to destroy this once developed country. The people of Libya continue to live under this quagmire of violence, corruption and misery, while the West has moved on to destroy our countries in its march for control of resources.

    By the time his Libyan captors branded his face, Sunday Iabarot had already run away twice and had been sold three times.The gnarled scar that covers most of the left side of his face appears to show a crude number 3. His jailer carved it into his cheek with a fire-heated knife, cutting and cauterizing at the same time.
From Ted Galen Carpenter:
A new report from the United Nations bluntly conveys the extent of the continuing chaos in Libya and the suffering it has caused. Yacoub El Hillo, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Libya, stated that the impact on civilians of the country’s nine-year internecine war is incalculable. That horrible situation is the long-term outcome of U.S. and NATO actions, and it is well past time that guilty officials are held accountable for their disastrous policies.
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