Sunday, 22 March 2020

Plague, Fire, Revolution.

        We are in virtual imprisonment, today society exists in fascist form, with all and full control over the population in the hands of a few power mongers from the parasite class. All for our own good of course, but how long will the mass of people tolerate this situation of isolation, before there is an explosion. The longer it goes on the more frustration and pent up anger will display itself. How will it display itself? In petty outburst from individuals, or in mass outpourings of anger and frustration. When these explosions appear, what will be the response from the state? Probably more draconian measures to try to control the population, a permanent fascist existence for the masses. What will be the response to these tighter controls? What will be the aim of the explosion? Will it be an attempt to return to "normal" back to the old system of injustice, inequality, poverty for the many, opulence for the few, or will we finally try to build that better society for all, a fair society of mutual aid, co-operation, sustainability and respect for each and every one of us. That explosion could be the door to that better world, it will be up to us how we take up the challenge that will come from an inevitable explosion if this situation continues for month after month. 

        The pandemic we are experiencing is part of this situation, a widely predictable and almost predictable event that, most likely, will be repeated in the future with different actors – viruses, famines, climatic and atmospheric events – catastrophic.
        The consequent imprisonment of a large part of the population, caused by the current eco-fascism, could lead to situations of intolerance, rebellion, revolt.
      So those who have dedicated their lives to the practice of obedience in exchange for the security of compulsion, of obligation, suddenly discover that a sneeze can lead to an unexpected end.
      Without any more certainties, choosing to continue following the path of obedience can only offer the same uncertainties offered by its desertion, by the risky choice of the path that leads to revolt. An untracked path that leaves centuries of domination behind to explore a future of liberation.
      To trace this path, or at least to try to follow it, it is necessary to open a debate, continually discuss how dominion reacts to the evolution of events, understand how to hit it and how to support the riots that will erupt.
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