Thursday, 26 March 2020

Criminal Neglect.

      As this pandemic spreads it tentacles across the globe, we should always think of the most vulnerable and do our utmost to protect them. Yet one section of the most vulnerable are being ignored, the prison population. It's not as if they were an extremely tiny section of our community, there are approximately 9 million individuals locked up in prison across the world. Half of that mass of individuals are held in three countries, with the "good ol' US of A" leading the pack. The prison rate in USA per head of population is 724 per 100,000, in Russia it is 581 per 100,000, in China, that leader of the evil empire it is 118 per 100,000. England and Wales, on their own sit about the midway mark of the world's incarceraters with 118 per 100,000. US is also among one of the highest of women prisoners per head of population at 8.7%.
      Strange that the so called leader of the free world and defender of freedom should be the country that locks up more of its own population in prison cells than any other country on the planet.
      Another very disturbing figure on prison populations, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic, is the fact the practically all the world's prison are over crowded, with Kenya being the worst offender with it prison population being 284.3% of its occupancy. Even that most capitalist developed country in the world is guilty of this sardine policy with its prison population being 107.6% of its occupancy. Prisons are not on the whole, places of the best conditions nor descent medical care and hygiene, add over crowding to this toxic mix, and you have the perfect conditions for spreading this pandemic. To ignore these facts is extreme criminal cruelty and gross criminal neglect.
      A world with approximately 9 million individuals lock up in over crowded prison cells is not a free and democratic world, let's grasp this fact and do our utmost to bring down the prison system and the authoritarian regimes that foster these conditions.

Country Prison population Population per 100,000 Jail occupancy level % Un-sentenced prisoners % Women prisoners %
US  2,193,798 737 107.6 21.2 8.9
CHINA  1,548,498    118 N/A N/A 4.6
RUSSIA  874,161 615 79.5 16.9 6.8
BRAZIL  371,482 193 150.9 33.1 5.4
INDIA  332,112 30 139 70.1 3.7
MEXICO  214,450 196 133.9 43.2 5
UKRAINE  162,602 350 101.3 19.5 6.1
SOUTH AFRICA  158,501 334 138.6 27.5 2.1
POLAND  89,546 235 124.4 16.8 3
ENG/WALES  80,002 148 112.7 16.4 5.5
JAPAN  79,052 62 105.9 14.7 5.9
KENYA  47,036 130 284.3 45.6 42
TURKEY  65,458 91 77.4 47.7 3.3
NIGERIA  40,444 30 101.5 64.3 1.9
AUSTRALIA  25,790 125 105.9 21.6 7.1
SCOTLAND  6,872 134 107.5 21 4.4
N IRELAND  1,375 79 91.5 37.4 2.2

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  1. "Western governments will conclude that it is time to shore up capitalism’s immune system against their own publics. The risk is that, given the chance, they will begin treating us, not the virus, as the real plague."

  2. According to the corporate world and their bedfellows the state, we are not seen as people but as units for production. In their world so many of us are now superfluous to requirements, so lots of us can be dispensed with without hurting the economy and also a saving on taxes, therefore increasing profits. In their world it is all a matter of economics and balance sheets, the word humanity is not in their dictionary.