Saturday, 21 March 2020

The Crowd Is Silent.

      Most of us will remember 2008, the "crash" when the state rushed to bail out the banks with billions, across the world it was trillions. Afterwords there was anger from the public that the state could come up with those wagon loads of cash to help the banks get over their gambling debts and push us into years of austerity.
    Since then all has not been going well for the capitalist system. over the last 4/5 years or so the growth has been creaking to a halt, the bond market has almost died, and relations between the various power blocks has strained to breaking point, and most wise pundits agree, another, much bigger crash looms large. Across the planet people are on the streets in anger at the injustice, inequality, corruption and abject poverty produced by this economic system.  Barely a country doesn't have mass protests flaring up on their patch. 
     Could the states bail out the system with public money again, in such a climate of anger and open protest and rebellion? It would be quite a risk for the powers that be. Quite a problem to be faced.
     I have no idea how covid19 started, or where it came from, and I am no conspiracy theorist, but for our lords and masters it couldn't have come at a better time, and I have no doubt they will exploit it to their advantage to the utmost. With one fell swoop they have shut down the streets, Hong Kong streets are quiet, where are the Yellow Vests, the heat of the Chilean rebellion seems to have gone cool, Prague has lost its mass protests, Extinction Rebellion is extinct. What is more, the public, instead of being angry at another bailout, are demanding that the state pours in billions of pounds into businesses to help save jobs. Yes, companies will go bust, but that 1% in the billionaires club, will gobble up any surplus demand that appears after the dust has settled.
     However you and I will face the same call from the financial Mafia, the country's debt is too high and governments will need to take urgent action to reduce that debt. That means once again, you and I will face the raw teeth of mega austerity, all to save the economy. Which no doubt will plunder its way on until the next crash, or until we finally dismantle this whole plunder charade of the parasite class, and replace it with a society based on mutual aid, co-operation, sustainability and free from the profit motive. A society that sees to the needs of all our people, not just to the pampered privileged 1%.

Champs-Élysées Paris, March 19, 2020. Where are the Yellow Vests?
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