Saturday, 21 March 2020

Janetta McGinn

      It is with deep sadness that we learn of the death of Glasgow stalwart and comrade, Janetta McGinn.

A Farewll

Another comrade leaves the field of battle
Another comrade who always stood tall
Another of our warriors has left the field
Another brick has fallen from our wall

Who will step forward to take her place
Who among us will rise to her just call
Who will step forward to fill the gap
Who has the courage to replace her fall

The following from her family on Facebook post:

       Our much loved mum, Janetta McGinn died peacefully this morning in our home in Spain. She was 89 years old and she kicked ass for every day of her life. She was born with a fighting spirit that saw her lead campaigns and fight for socialism and justice all her life. She was never ever sentimental and wouldn’t like me posting this sweet love song that my dad wrote for her when they were young. I sang it to her in her last moments. With my mum you can kiss goodbye to a generation of good people that stood up for others. She never lost her hope for a better society, and she will be missed by many people that she helped throughout her life. We hope to have a funeral today in Spain and say farewell to her in another time in Scotland, with Arthur Johnstone singing and the Internationale playing, as she had wished.

Matt McGinn
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