Thursday, 4 October 2012


    Police in Milwaukee arrest and beat up a 22 year old man and the world now has a horrific video of a young man dying in the back of a police car. In Tunisia police rape a young woman and when she files a complaint, she is charged with indecency. 28-year-old Raul Rosas was tasered, hogtied and finally drowned with a garden hose in front of his minor children and numerous witnesses. Police use baton charges and rubber bullets against demonstrators in Madrid. From Australia, A 'WIDE culture of police violence' needs to be investigated by the new head of the Crime and Misconduct Commission 'as his major priority'. Then there is, Incredible Police's brutality in France. Police violence in Greece is not limited to "isolated incidents" and officers violating human rights can expect "persistent impunity", the world's leading human rights organisation has said.

      Pick your country and you come up with police brutality, and it is invariably carried out with impunity and against the ordinary people of the country concerned. The police's first duty is to defend those in power, so any organised resistance to that power, will be dealt with in a brutal fashion, and to maintain that element of "toughness", the brutality will be used against individuals to intimidate and subdue resistance and create an element of fear in those who might wish to object to what the state is up to. The illusion that the police are there to protect the general public is perpetuated  by an avalanche of corporate propaganda through movies, TV "cops and robbers" shows, and newspaper articles portraying the police as clean-cut heroes. However there is an endless catalogue of death at the hands of the police and police brutality, which belies this propaganda exercise, and which will always go unchecked as the state needs its bully boys. So, until we get rid of the state, police brutality will be with us.

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