Thursday, 4 October 2012


      Unrest and anger spreads and intensifies across Greece as more "austerity cuts" are on the cards. More cuts to people's pensions, workers not having been paid for six months, and so it goes on, and all this is for the benefit of the Greek people, or so the people are being told. They are being asked to meekly accept abject poverty, deprivation and misery, all for their own good!!! They are being told that their country will have to sell off all the assets owned by the people, so that their government can pay the financial Mafia billions of Euros, and things will all come right in the bye and bye. Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland are not far behind, and yet there are those that still believe the problem will be contained, that the system will be fixed, and we will all get back to growth and eternal prosperity. What is being plundered from the public purse will never come back. If you believe that all those billions of Euros poured into the coffers of the financial Mafia will somehow find their way back to the public purse and create a decent society for all the people, then you are more stupid than naive.
      The way that the system works now is that it is a downward spiral for the people, and a financial vacuum cleaner for the financial Mafia. Why should they hand it all back to make your life and my life better? If they can have you scrambling about in the gutter, fighting each other for the few jobs around and willing to accept whatever wage they decide to pay you, then they are doing fine. Perhaps you see corporate capitalism as a compassionate beast that at the moment has some problems, but a soon as it sorts them out it will start to reward you for your patience and suffering, Dream on my friend.

This from Occupied London:

Workers at the Skaramangas shipyard in Athens storm the ministry of defense; farmers in Heraclion, Crete raid the Heraclion airport, as tension ahead of the voting of new austerity cuts intensifies.
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