Tuesday, 9 October 2012


       In a couple of days it will be the 37th anniversary of the American backed coup in Chile that lead to 17 years of brutality, death and torture across that country. Though Pinochet has gone, nothing much has changed regarding American policy, it still backs dictators and despots as long as it suits the Western corporate machine. The profits and survival of corporatism is more important than the lives of people. 
September 11th was the day that, in 1973, the commander-in-chief of the Chilean army Augusto Pinochet took power over the democratically elected president Allende. Pinochet killed and tortured thousands in his dictatorial rule, until 1990. On the same day, in 1998, anarchist Claudia López was shot dead by cops of the reinstated democracy while she fought at a barricade during a commemoration of the 1973 coup d’etat. Since then, under the slogan of ‘Black September’ demonstrators fight state repression in remembrance of Claudia and all of those who fell in combat

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