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           I know that I harp on and on about Greece, but I see what is happening in that country as a tide that is coming our way. It is not that Greece is doing something different from the rest of us, it isn't even a self-inflicted wound. What is happening in Greece is being directed by the financial mafia, better known as the "Troika", which as we all know doesn't even sit in Greece. We also know that these policies are the very same policies that are being forced, at the dictate of that same "Troika", on every nation in Europe. We would be naive to believe that somehow these policies will have a different effect on us, than other countries, that somehow the "Troika" will look more favourably on us than it would the Greeks. We are fortunate in so much as by looking closely at what is happening in Greece, we can see the road that the "Troika" is driving the people down. 
    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Shall we wait for the decimation of our society, shall we wait for the deprivation and then try to pull ourselves out of the chaos and misery. Shall we wait until our children's' futures are destroyed completely, and hope that the financial markets will look more kindly on us? Or perhaps we could do a George W. Bush and go for a pre-emptive strike? Self defence is not a crime.
Another interesting article from A World to Win:

How we can move beyond resistance

     Everyone joining tomorrow’s anti-austerity march in London called by the Trades Union Congress should take heed of what is happening in Greece if we are going to find ways to move beyond resistance to the deepening crisis.
     The Greek trade unions this week held their 20th one-day general strike in two years against the absolutely savage cuts in living standards imposed by governments of the left and the right, as well as coalition regimes. Regarding the strikes as short-lived protests, the Greek state is standing firm on behalf of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and European Union governments – the infamous Troika.
     Their riot police are working hand-in-glove with the fascist Golden Dawn to protect the authorities as society edges towards breakdown. Only just in the background stands the Greek army, whose colonels are not averse to staging military coups and taking power as they did from 1967 to 1974.
      Despite the widespread hatred of the measures that have reduced many Greeks to penury – to the point where many can’t even afford to bury their dead or obtain vital drugs – the misery is scheduled to worsen, with further pay and pension cuts. One in four are already out of work and job losses are continuing.
     Britain’s situation is not like Greece’s, you could argue. But that would be a superficial view. Greece is at the sharp end of a global crisis of capitalism that is driving policy making in every single country.

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