Wednesday, 31 October 2012


       I always claim that this blog is about poetry as well as my ranting, so here are three verses from On The 23rd of August by Erich Muhsam, German anarchist, murdered by the nazis in 1934.
Struggle, your satisfaction,
against State and Reaction,
struggle until the day
the spell of power has been broken,
when in every land on the Earth
the workers have awoken.

Brothers, you who for us died,
your blood flows unpacified,
until the masses win.
Class war and class solidarity
shall give into the people’s hands
land, farm tools and factory.

Your longing and your distress
are a whip and star to us,
Sacco and Vanzetti!
Deathless model to humanity,
a free world your memorial:
Socialism, Anarchy!

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