Monday, 22 October 2012


     There is the possibility of a pan-European general strike on November 14, if so, what then? Will it be a display to show our lords and masters how angry we are, and if they don't throw us a few more crumbs, we will cause them more inconvenience? Or will it be a decision by the people to change the structure of our society, to stop feeding the parasite banksters and their greed driven billionaire corporate friends. Will the people really take control and set about creating a society based on the needs of all our people, and send the party political system along with the profit motive, to the dustbin of history? Four countries, Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus have already drawn up plans for a general strike on November 14 with unions in France and Italy considering adding their numbers. 
      A pan-European general strike could be a golden opportunity to bring down this system of exploitation, greed, poverty and deprivation, and build that better world of federated communities based on co-operation, mutual aid and sustainability. Of course a one day general strike will be no more than a midgie bite to the corporate beast that sits on our shoulders. At the end of day of marching, speeches and flag waving, it will be deflating to the thousands that took part, as all they will get is promises of perhaps, a slower squeezing, and pie in the sky in the bye and bye, and more of the same for the foreseeable future.
      If this pan-European strike does go ahead, it has to be of an indeterminate time, with the one aim of bring an end to the foul system that has wreak havoc across generations and continents. To expend all that energy for nothing more than a better crust, with the possibility that it could be taken away again when the next "crisis" hits the system, isn't really worth the effort. It is that moment, it is all or nothing at all.

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