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       Do you remember the days when the City Councillors took the time, by means of smoke and mirrors, to weave the illusion of doing the people's bidding? Now however, they are so arrogant that they don't even bother with that thin veneer of illusion, they just ride roughshod over the will of the people in an attempt to appease big business. Today they see themselves as managing our city and its assets to suit the corporate world, the people are a bit of an inconvenience. What does the health of the people matter if there is money to be made for their corporate masters.

25 Years of Pollution and Congestion for Southside Residents

        This from a friend and comrade, C L: 
      It is now known that Glasgow City Council has already signed a 25 year contract with a company called Viridor to deal the City’s refuse, even before planning permission has been granted for the plant. They plan to build a recycling and gasification (yes a big incinerator to you and me) facility at Polmadie; but don’t worry, the planning authority is Glasgow City Council! At a time when other countries such as Sweden are moving away from incineration to deal with their rubbish, it seems the City Council is determined to commit us to having this toxic monstrosity on our doorstep for the next quarter of a century or more. Local people are understandably angry about this and have many valid objections to this scheme including the following:

     As the client and planning authority Glasgow City Council has a clear conflict of interest and must not decide the outcome of the planning application. The contract guarantees a minimum amount of waste that will be provided for the plant. This in itself will make recycling less attractive as it reduces the amount of waste for burning. Recycling is not only less wasteful of natural resources but will create many times more jobs locally than burning the rubbish will. If the Council can’t fulfil this commitment to provide enough waste, it will be liable for penalties or will have to bring in refuse from other areas increasing pollution and congestion.
    Local residents are very concerned about the pollution from the plant including highly toxic nitrous oxide (NOx) and dioxins resulting from combustion at the site as well as disturbance and traffic congestion from its 24 hour operation . Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of extremely low concentrations of these chemicals. There are many schools including Holyrood, the largest secondary in Scotland, in the surrounding area.
     This part of Glasgow already is an area of social deprivation, poor health and low life expectancy. It is also adjacent to the motorway network. To introduce another source of pollution and traffic will only serve to compound these factors and reduce further social and health inequalities.
    There has been no proper consultation by the company with the local population as required by law. Only a small proportion of households have received information from Viridor.
      A number of well attended public meetings have been held and a campaign group has formed. At present the effort is concentrating on written objections to the planning application and lobbying councillors. Whilst that is useful, I'm sure you all, like me, have previous experience with so called elected councillors who ignore the people that they claim to represent. If we really intend to stop this plant being built we must get ready to take direct action to stop it. We the people have the power, not these self-serving politicians and it is about time we showed them who decides these important matters!
   For more information search Facebook for Glasgow Alternatives to Incineration or email glasgowgain@gmail.com

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