Tuesday, 30 October 2012


      Spain has the highest rate of unemployment in the EU, at present it stands at above 25% and rising, its economy is shrinking rapidly, and still the financial Mafia want more "austerity" heaped on the people. When is enough, enough?
This from International Journal of Socialist Renewal:

By Dick Nichols, Barcelona
       October 28, 2012 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The economic, social and territorial crisis in the Spanish state is morphing into a crisis of the two-party system that has provided Popular Party (PP) or Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) administrations for the last 30 years. Basque, Catalan and Galician nationalist forces (left and right), and the United Left (IU) and Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) parties are gaining support. However, only a brave gambler would put serious money on the future evolution of this crisis. While the two-party set-up has been severely weakened, a replacement party with enough popular support to impose a different solution has yet to emerge.
       Some contrasting numbers from the latest Metroscopia polls point to some contradictions in popular attitudes that help understand why.
        First, the actions and leaderships of the PP and PSOE have hit levels of disapproval never seen before. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy inspires little or no confidence in 84%, including in 64% of PP voters. PSOE opposition leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba inspires little or no confidence in 90%, including in 77% of PSOE voters.

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