Monday, 29 October 2012


       The financial Mafia under the mob name of "the Troika" are putting the boot into the Greek people with the latest "Memorandum of understanding" between the troika and the Greek government. What this "agreement" does is remove the Greek government from governing Greece and authorises them as managers for the troika, and lays down a series of conditions that it must perform or they will push the country to bankruptcy allowing the entire Greek country to be plundered and pillaged by the said financial Mafia and their corporate fascist friends. A people are being sacrificed on the altar of corporate financial greed. What is more, is that what they are doing to the Greek people is on the agenda for other countries in Europe. Spain is tottering on the brink, Italy is slipping over the edge, Portugal is losing its foothold, others are not far behind, and the abyss is waiting. All this misery and deprivation for the welfare and well being of the banks and bond markets. To the financial mafia their money cow must be saved, at any price. Under these brutal circumstances the people have the right to self-defense, the more brutal the assault, the more brutal the response needs to be, it is their lives and the future of their kids lives that are at stake. 

Full text of the third “memorandum of understanding” between the troika and the greek government

Monday, October 29, 2012

     As the rumours regarding the voting in of the new memorandum in the present week intensify, the agreement’s full text has now become available online. The greek text is here.
     Key points include (list to be updated!)
    - Should the targets in the health sector not be met in the first two months, it is possible for cost participation waiving to be cancelled out for everyone, including cancer patients.
    - From mid-2013 on, the Public Power Corporation (DEI) will rapidly increase its charges, while all special rates for the most sensitive parts of the population will cease to exist. As of June 2013, the PPC will be unable to offer any kind of settlement to its clients regarding their bills – something that any private corporation is permitted to do.

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