Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Anarchism In Palestine.

       We hear of anarchist activity from countries across the globe but not a lot from that land that can be described as the world's largest open air concentration camp, the occupied lands of Palestine. However, since anarchism is a very natural approach to he way we want to live, it will obviously be there in daily actions. Though its anti-state stance will be directed not at the home grown state, since there isn't one, but at the  state of an occupying military force, but self determination is still the desire of the individual and the group. The Institute for Anarchist Studies has an interesting article by Joshua Stephens on anarchism in Palestine.
      In Palestine, elements of popular struggle have historically often been self-organized. Even if not explicitly identified as “anarchism” as such, “People have already done horizontal, or non-hierarchical, organizing all their lives,” says Beesan Ramadan, another local anarchist, who describes anarchism as a “tactic” yet questions the need to attach a label. She continues, “It is already there in my culture and in the way Palestinian activism has worked. During the First Intifada, for instance, when someone’s home was demolished, people would organize to rebuild it, almost spontaneously. As a Palestinian anarchist I look forward to going back to the roots of the First Intifada. It did not come from a political decision. It came against the will of the PLO.” Yasser Arafat declared independence in November 1988, after the First Intifada began in December 1987, Ramadan says “…to hijack the efforts of the First Intifada.”
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