Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The State's March To Fascism.

      Day and daily the Greek state bears down on the people, creating enforced poverty and deprivation at the behest of the Troika, (ECB, European Central Bank, EC, European Commission, and the IMF, International Mankind Fuckers). As the anger among the people grows, the state works hard at closing down any hint of free space occupied by the people. Squat after squat is attacked, evicted and closed down, the latest being the Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki, which had existed for years as a social centre in the community. Some of the squats recently evicted have been in existence for more than 20 years. In difficult times the state will crush any attempt by the people to organise among themselves.
     The Greek state is now openly racist, this is another line of its defence, scapegoats. Blame the immigrants for all the ills that beset the people of Greece. In Greece they are rounded up and detained in concentration camps, more than a hint of Nazi Germany. It is the normal progression of the state whenever it feels threatened, a move to open fascism.
       Greece and the Greek people are no different from any other European country. What is happening in Greece is happening here. Though perhaps not as overtly or as brutal, but that is only because the state here doesn't feel the need to go that far, yet. However it is on the agenda whenever they feel that need arises.

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