Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Resistance Is Alive And Growing.

     There were two stories recently, that the babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, gave banner headlines to and then dropped, giving the impression that nothing else was happening there. One was Cyprus, when it applied for a bailout and was informed that the publics bank accounts would be plundered to help pay for the financial Mafia's gambling debts and the other was when the people of Brazil exploded in anger at injustice and corruption.
      Well the people of Cyprus are still suffering, in the second quarter of this year, its economy contacted by 5.9%, its eighth succesive quarterly contraction. And it gets worse, according to that gang of financial thugs, the Troika,(ECB, European Central Bank, EC, European Commission, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) The Cypriot economy will contract by 8.7% for the year 2013. 
 Cypriot protester holding banner
      What that means for the people of Cyprus is unemployment, poverty and deprivation on a massive scale. It means people struggling to survive and living conditions rapidly deteriorating. However that is no longer news, it all falls into the plan of the people's daily trudge to sweatshop Europe.
      The other story, the rovolt of the people of Brazil, well for a month or so we got articles and TV pictures hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of the cities across Brazil, and then it would seem that tranquility returned to Brazil. Well it hasn't, the fancy parades of Independence Day were disrupted by protesters, demanding an end to corruption and better public services. The traditional Military parade in Rio de Janerio was interrupted as protesters shouted anti government slogans, and the speech, in the capital, Brasilia,  by President Dilma Rouseff, resulted in clashes between the police and protesters where tear gas was used and there were many arrests. People are still looking for every opportunity to voice their anger and disgut and a system that is riddled with corruption and injustice. The friendly football match between Brazil and Australia saw anti-government slogans appearing outside The Mane Garrincha Stadium. 
Brazil protests in Rio de Janeiro
     So it goes on, daily struggles to end this system of exploitaion, poverty, corruption and greed, a system controlled by the corporate world, where the people are of no concern in the calculation of profits. 

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