Saturday, 21 September 2013

We Are Further Down The Road Than You Think.

      Though poverty and deprivation have always been with us under capitalism, just a few years ago lots of people lived in the illusion of democracy, they considered that they were doing not too badly. Now the illusion has been shattered and the true vision of capitalism is hitting them between the eyes. In country after country, people are showing their anger and disgust as capitalism rips their lives apart. Not only is capitalism in its bare-knuckle stage, shredding the living standards of the people, but it is shifting the so called "representative democracies" towards fascist regimes, as it forces its ideology universally. In Europe, the Greek state is probably furthest down the line in that change, but all the others are moving in the same direction, it is all a matter of pace.
      The latest from Hungary paints a similar depressing picture, this appeal is from a campaign:
       Don't Let Hungary Go The Way Of Nazi Germany: Demand EU Action Today!  Blink and you've missed it: Hungary is no longer a democracy.
President János Áder has just signed away the rights of all that was left of Hungary's opposition parties after years of gutting legislative powers, crippling the free press, and eliminating all mention of a "republic" in the country's constitution.
      We've seen the steps Áder's taken before. We know these signs. And while the European Union continues to stay silent, the situation for women, ethnic minorities and religious groups in Hungary becomes deadlier by the second.
      Please, join us in calling on the member states to act on Article VII of the EU Treaty, which demands they intervene to prevent any state from being robbed of its democratic freedoms. We still have time to stop Áder's men from stripping Hungary's people of more rights and protections -- but we cannot afford to stay silent for long!
     PETITION TO EU MEMBER STATES: We cannot afford to sit by while another European country represses state protections, targets minorities, and spreads antisemitism while eliminating free speech. Don't let Hungary go the way of Nazi Germany -- act on Article VII to ensure Hungarians' rights and freedoms!
     We are being frog-marched rapidly into a world of corporatism, Mussolini's name for fascism, the further along the road we go the harder it will be to turn back. There is no middle road, capitalism can't be made into some sort of system that delivers fairness and justice. You either accept it, and abandon any hope of a society based on the needs of the people, or you destroy it, and start to build that better world based on those needs of all our people, mutual aid and co-operation, built on a foundation of sustainability.
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