Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Surveillance Society.

    We live in the surveillance society, cameras in pubs, on buses, in offices and other workplaces, in our streets, at buses stops and train stations. Now it seems that Google believes that gmail users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy".
  Google reads every word of every email you send to or from a Gmail account in order to target you and your friends with ads. They read about your personal relationships, your health information, your finances, and more.

     Tell Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, that you want Google to stop selling ads at the expense of your inbox! »

     It's illegal for someone to open and read your paper mail without permission, but Google reads every word of every single email you send or receive every single day.
     In response to a lawsuit against Google for snooping through personal Gmail, Google claims that users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy" when it comes to their email. But, common sense says that's ridiculous; clearly, when you send a personal email to a friend or colleague, either on paper or online, you expect that the message will not be read to target you with ads.

     Tell Google that you DO have an expectation of privacy and that you demand that they stop reading the contents of your private emails to sell you ads. »

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