Thursday, 19 September 2013

Do The Plebs Really Need An Education!!

        The Greek education system, (what's left of it) is a preview of the European education system of tomorrow. In Greece the education system has been savaged beyond all recognition, budget cuts and teacher lay-offs have seen to that. In cities across Greece teachers and students supported by parents and other workers have been taking to the streets and the latest round of sackings and transfers to other areas, have again brought them back onto the streets. 
This from Teacher Dude:

Greek educators extend strike action in protest against further spending cuts by Teacher Dude's BBQ
Greek educators extend strike action in protest against further spending cuts, a photo by Teacher Dude's BBQ on Flickr.
      More than 15,000 Greek teachers, students and supporters took to the streets of the northern port city of Thessaloniki today in protest against further cuts in jobs and funding for the country's beleagured educational system.
      With thousands facing lay off or enforced transfer to other districts, teachers and other public sector employees are now striking for a second days running.
      Tensions ran high when riot police units blocked roads so preventing marchers from approaching the local offices of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn party.
    After last night's fatal stabbing of left wing singer and activist Pavlos Fyssas by Golden Dawn member political passions are running high and tonight's nationwide series of anti-fascist demonstrations are likely to see clashes between protesters and the police.
    Apart from Greece's crushed education system, their health system has also been decimated and is in a state of collapse. Chemists are frequently running out of medical supplies and people can no longer afford their medication. This is in Europe, in one of the richest parts of the world, and to imagine that we and other parts of Europe are some how protected from the ravages of the ideology of the financial mafia is delusional. Finance has no loyalty to people or country, economics sees no culture but accountancy.
      What kind of system is it that in a supposed civilised society, we can't afford health care or education, while carrying on our backs parasitic billionaires, millionaires and bloated greed driven politicians, who live in the lap of luxury? This system fails on all counts, on moral, on justice, and on sanity.

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