Monday, 2 September 2013

Creationism And Insanity, What's The Difference?

     I came across this crap by creationist as a proof that man was created by that wonderful architect in the sky. The same guy, they don't say it was a woman, who I assume created tsunamis, earthquakes, flood disasters and volcanic eruptions, that kill thousands of innocent living creatures every year. So it appears if you believe in evolution you have to ask yourself, "Why am I such a fine looking person?" "Where are all my vestigial organs?" That should restore your faith in the big guy in the sky.

     This is from their site called Missing Universe Museum; Exhibit 6, Vestigial Organs.

     Here is an illustration of a created man as opposed to one who just evolved by chance:

    Per Evolutionists a vestigial organ or appendage is supposedly something that exists in a living organism without any function, but served some useful purpose in the past in some ancestral form. These should exist as well as harmless appendages that never did perform any useful function. They would be external as well as internal.
Read the full crap called evidence HERE:

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  1. God, the Great Surgeon and sponsor of the big business of plastic surgery. :)))))