Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What Do You Expect?

        There should be no gasps of surprise and raising arms in horror at the privatisation of the Royal Mail, it should have been expected. The ideology hasn't changed in years, it is the same direction as always, everything must be owned by the corporate/financial Mafia. We have been moving in that direction continuously, coal mines, railways, telephone company, gas, electricity, if it is deemed to be an essential service, it will be privatised, and if it starts to lose money it will be subsidised by the tax payer, or it will be handed back to the tax payer until it is profitable, and then hand back to the corporate greed machine. An example of this is Network Rail. Another is the banks, they were going bust, so time to subsides them or hand them to the taxpayer. Now that they are beginning to show a profit, hand them back to the Corporate juggernaut. This policy of privatisation will continue with education, more and more “free” academies, and with the health service, Hitchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire is already being run by a private company, with the George Elliot Hospital in Warwickshire being told to seek a partner in the private sector to run it affairs. All public assets are set to be sold off to the corporate/financial Mafia, education, NHS, libraries, museums, public parks, you name it, it will go, all that is ours has to be transferred to the corporate world, it is an ideology that wont change unless we the ordinary people call a halt, and destroy this capitalist cancer that is devouring all that is social and shiting out greed driven rotten corporatism.

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