Thursday, 21 November 2013

Corporatism, Fascism, There Is No Difference.

    Mussolini stated that it should not be called fascism, it should be called corporatism, as it is the coming together of the state and the corporate, in one body of control. Well it is now global corporatism, (fascism), and it is here, global corporatism or fascism, call it what you will, it is tying the world up in one simple package to suit its greed driven ends. All decisions concerning our society and our environment will be taken behind the closed doors of plush boardrooms, by faceless millionaires and billionaires working to maximise their power and wealth. Is this the tomorrow we want?
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   The Trans-Pacific Partnership is set to create a virtually permanent corporate rule over the people.
     This is the trade scam NAFTA globalized, a devil's deal that has nothing to do with trade and everything to do with corporate protectionism — of the 29 chapters in the TPP, only FIVE actually cover trade issues!
Lax food safety regulation, unregulated fracking, overseas job shifts, rocketing drug prices, Internet monopolies, slashes to public services to profit Wall Street robbers... these are just some of the effects the TPP's passing will have on our world.

     Don't let voting nations pass this corporate coup d'etat. Call on the US, Canada, Japan and other nations considering the trade deal to back out of the TPP now!
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     PETITION TO TRADING NATIONS: Don't sacrifice our rights, liberties and economic independence to profit corporations and monopolize trade. Vote against joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership now.

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