Saturday, 2 November 2013

Freedom Of Speech, If you Have The Money.

      Ian Bone, well known anarchist and class war activist, once again came face to face with the insidious ways of the establishment in silencing opposition. Having been invited to give a talk at Balliol, Oxford, the talk however, was cancelled as the Thames  Valley Police, hit the event with a possible security bill running into the tens of thousands of pounds, to police the event. Since Balliol were not prepared to stump up the money and the organisers of the event, Left Caucus, were unable, the event was prevented from happening. It's called democracy and freedom of speech.
    Questions have subsequently been raised over the legitimacy of the police’s fears, and Ian Bone has been outspoken on the matter. He told Cherwell the tactics of Thames Valley Police were “fucking diabolical… cunning and underhanded.”
    Bone stressed the fact that he was willing to comply with all of the restrictions that Balliol had imposed upon the talk, and intimated that the police had acted in a coercive and persecutory manner. He has now resolved to deliver the same speech next on 1st May, outside Balliol, and protected by the right to protest.
    Bone said that he thought the police were exaggerating the potential danger. Whilst controversial movements on the far-right – such as EDL marches – often cause great public expense, Bone insisted that an hour-long indoor discussion wasn’t even remotely comparable.
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