Saturday, 30 November 2013

Week Of Action Against Workfare.

      ATOS continues its march of murder across the vulnerable in our society. I recently posted about the the tragic affair of Jacqueline Harris, who took her own life after being deemed fit to work by ATOS and having her disability allowance removed. Well their brutal actions are still bringing misery and death to our people. It was recently reported that Victor Cuff, aged59, who suffered from depression, took his own life, after having his benefits cut when those box ticking bureaucrats at ATOS, assessed him fit for work. How long will we sit back and allow this brutality against the sick and vulnerable people in our community?
       Because that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, doesn't report the full extent of the onslaught against the ordinary people in our communities, lots people are unaware of the full horror of this “austerity” plan. We have workfare, forcing thousands to work for free, for corporate greed merchants, we have people facing the threat of eviction and /or reduced benefits, because of certain circumstances, they find they now have a “spare room” . We have ATOS declaring the sick and vulnerable, fit for work, then there are stagnant wages, while food and energy bills go through the roof. Then let's not forget those thousands, 70,000, at the last estimate, who face hunger and deprivation because of “sanctions”. When one of the growth areas is food banks, you know that society has failed its people. These are all a deliberate attack on the living standards of our people, an attempt to get the UK on course to be part of the new sweatshop Europe. The low wage, low welfare economy, is the corporate world's plan to boost their competitiveness with the Eastern sweatshop empire.
       With a concerted well organised effort we can stop this juggernaut of corporatism and start to build a society we want, one that sees to the needs of all our people. After all we the people make everything on this planet, we distribute everything on this planet, but the system dictates what we make and where we distribute it, and it is all for the benefit of the leeches on our backs, our unnecessary burden of parasites. There are the resources, we have the ability, and we know there is a need, all that is missing is our will to take control and create that better world for all.

week of action

      This coming week there is planned week of action against workfare, get involved, employed, unemployed, retired, disabled, homeless, it affects us all, by lowering the standard of living across the board. If we shout loud enough, others will hear and realise that they are not alone. We can change this society.

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