Friday, 8 November 2013

Saturday 9 November, International Day Of Solidarity.

       The brutal and consistent crushing of what vestige of democracy there ever was in Greece continues unabated. The Greek government, having dismantled practically all social services, paid off thousands of public sector workers, pushing unemployment to approximately 29%, and increased taxes beyond breaking point for the ordinary people, the Troika, (E.C. European Commission, E.C.B. European Central bank, I.M.F. International Mankind Fuckers), after a visit to Greece, have come up with the idea that the Greek government hasn't carried out enough of its austerity plan. Along side this vicious attack on the living conditions of the people of Greece, the government increases its attack on any sign or symbol of people organising.
     When the Greek government closed down ERT, the Greek national radio, without discussion or legislation, the employees occupied the building and continued broadcasting, with massive support from the people. But once again the state resorts to its usual brute force, to silence the voice of the people and to break any solidarity among the people. In response the people of Greece are calling for an international day of solidarity on Saturday 9th. November.

“Police forces have just entered the studios of the Greek radio… It’s not for ERT alone. It’s not only for our jobs. But it is for Democracy itself… Don’t seek for legality… for the defence of Democracy, for holding each other’s hand, for our dignity and honour, for standing shoulder to shoulder to each other… because we met at the same street together, because we fought the same struggle… we ask you to come now at the headquarters’ of ERT… The voice of the Greek radio is silenced!”
“The prosecutor said that the person responsible for ERT’s inventory now is the ‘brigadier general’ of the police forces.”
Thursday, 7 November 2013

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