Friday, 22 November 2013

Pensioners Demand Their Stolen Money Back.

     Yesterday, Thursday 21 November saw the usual Thursday night demonstration against the Bankia bank in Madrid. This is the case where the Bankia bank in its eagerness to re-capitalise got thousands of mainly elderly to invest their life's savings in special preferred shares, stating that they would be a good return and they were as safe as houses!! Well we all know what happened to houses in Spain. They bank went bust and the administration took the lot. Elderly pensioners lost their life's savings and are demanding their money back. Individual cases are taking years to go through the courts and they are being offered a fraction of their original money, if anything at all. Some however are in no position to wait years as they are mainly elderly people. This is the usual inhuman, unjust, compassionless treatment that we would expect from an exploitative system run by the financial Mafia.

Small savers demonstrate for funds return after Bankia bank scandal

    The demonstrators, armed with a colourful array of banners, placards and posters, closed the main Gran Via street with their numbers. This has been a regular protest for some time now, but sadly the government and the courts know that this is an elderly group, and if they drag their heels on this one, the numbers will thin down. The scum can wait, the pensioners can't. 

Small savers demonstrate for funds return after Bankia bank scandal
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